Enhanced Support: Custom Technical Support & Customization

We support you with the customized attention to detail that you need.

Support is rendered before or after the hours of 0900-1700 eastern unless a prior arrangement has been made. Support can include anything from setting up apps and installing scripts, to working with you to troubleshoot issues with an existing script, to crafting a migration plan from another provider, DNS records, etc. If it has to do with ensuring the technical success of your website, we should be able to help!

Unlike the big names, we will troubleshoot your specific website script to get you back up and running

Enhanced support starts at $79/hourly, with one hour minimum per incident, and half-hour increments thereafter. For new clients, a maximum of 4 hours of support is rendered before payment is expected. Clients with a history of prompt payment are granted monthly enhanced support billing. All enhanced technical support billing is Net 10.

We take accurate billing seriously; you are provided an individualized invoice with hours charged and a brief description of work performed. Before work is performed, we can include an approx. estimate. for projects over 4 hours.

We have an extensive library of technical support questions; most basic VPS configuration, app installation, and similar functions can be performed after consulting our help documentation. Of course, if you want us to perform something for you, just get in touch!

Inquire about Enhanced Support today!