JK WebHost VPS Hosting

We offer managed VPS Hosting to super charge and simplify your web application hosting! Separately, we offer technical support that fits your need on an hourly and project basis.

Hosting Features

  • Private virtual server ensures your website is given the resources you pay for
  • Included IPV4 IP Address per server / Free SSL Certs
  • Outbound Transfer (Inbound transfer is free)
  • Reserved RAM
  • Intel CPUs / vCPU
  • SSD storage
  • Ubuntu LTS server operating system / Managed Security
  • One-click WordPress install
  • Intuitive web-based control panel
  • SSH access

Your website is completely manageable through a web-based platform. Install Wordpress in one click!

Fast, Secure VPS hosting at a fair rate. We offer the most economical replacement for overcrowded, out-of-date shared hosting. If your website is running slowly, consider making the switch today! Our platform is not oversold, and we don't have huge hardware overhead so we can give you the best service as you need it!

A solid web host, your own virtual private server, and a balanced maintenance plan can make your website run like never before.

Depending on the plan, you can run multiple websites per server. Other customers' websites will not affect your performance as you do not share the same VPS!

All available plans and prices

We love your dedication to detail! Please find below all our detailed plan information. Our hardware provider includes the stated disk storage, but we indicate an estimate of usable storage for your applications after the operating system is installed.

Our hosting starts at $19/monthly. All plans come with Intel CPU(s), SSD storage, and included outbound data transfer as indicated; unlimited inbound transfer is included. Our VPS servers are KVM. SSH access is included for each system user (root access not provided-contact support for items needing root changes).

Detailed Plan Listing

  • $19/monthly: 1 vcpu, 1 GB ram, 25 GB ssd storage (~20 GB usable), 1 TB transfer, and up to 5 sites (apps)
  • $35/monthly: 1 vcpu, 2 GB ram, 50 GB ssd storage (~45 GB usable), 2 TB transfer, and up to 10 sites (apps)
  • $50/monthly: 1 vcpu, 3 GB ram, 60 GB ssd storage (~50 GB usable), 3 TB transfer, and up to 15 sites (apps)
  • $75/monthly: 2 vcpu, 4 GB ram, 80 GB ssd storage (~70 GB usable), 4 TB transfer, and up to 25 sites (apps)
  • $150/monthly: 4 vcpu, 8 GB ram, 160 GB ssd storage (~150 GB usable), 5 TB transfer, and up to 50 sites (apps)
  • $300/monthly: 6 vcpu, 16 GB ram, 320 GB ssd storage (~300 GB usable), 6 TB transfer, and up to 150 sites (apps)

Fine print:

  • Hosting is prepaid on a monthly basis, with no refunds except in exentuating circumstances on a case-by-case basis. In the last 5 calendar days of the month, you will be billed prorated for the current month, and pre-billed for the following month. We have no long term contracts, only month-to-month plans.
  • Excess transfer is billed at $0.10/GB plus a $5 processing fee and is handled via a separate invoicing platform in the month of accrual. We recommend putting a service such as CloudFlare (free or paid plans) in front of your application to help reduce transfer usage if you have a high traffic website.
  • A VPS is not a replacement for dedicated hardware. Each VPS is given fair access to allocated resources. Any VPS that is found to be mining for currency or consuming excess resources not associated with a website can be shutdown and limited at any time. Our service is meant for hosting of websites, web applications, and web apps.

Basic Support

Basic support is included via email. More information is available here.

Enhanced Support: Custom Technical Support & Customization

We support you with the customized attention to detail that you need.

Unlike the big names, we will work with you to design the best hosting solution

Enhanced support is an additional fee, billed separate from hosting.

Inquire about Enhanced Support today!

We have an extensive library of technical support questions; most basic VPS configuration, app installation, and similar functions can be performed after consulting our help documentation. Of course, if you want us to perform something for you, just get in touch!