Basic Support

Basic support is included with your hosting package.

Get started with Basic Support

Please email us at [email protected] (preferred and fastest) or text us at (781) 819-3275‬.

Please have the following information handy:

  1. Email address used to create an account
  2. Customer ID (found on any invoices in the billing section)
  3. Server name and server IP (as shown in the control panel, and if applicable)

Issues handled via Basic Support

  • Account login issues / change of email address
  • Billing questions
  • Server downtime
  • General questions and concerns
  • Suggested improvements to our control panel and our documentation

Response time: As fast as possible, Monday-Saturday, 6am to 10pm Eastern time

Issues not handled via Basic Support

  • Individualized Technical questions (how do I...)
  • Website migration
  • DNS records, domain management, script troubleshooting
  • Etc.

If you have a technical concern, we offer personalized enhanced support. If you do not wish to pay for enhanced support, we offer many helpdesk articles on this website that may answer your question. If you think we should add additional documentation, please contact us.

If you have a question you believe should be answered via our helpdesk articles, please submit a suggestion and we will take your request under consideration. Thank you!